During the design process the team here at 1000 Mile search out the best possible yarns so that we can provide the best possible products for our customers.

You can find more detail on all the technical yarns we use in our products below:


Soft.  Light.  Surprisingly strong.

A dynamic, speciality fibre, Tactel® fibre creates garments that are soft, supple, smooth, breathable and lightweight.  According to rigid testing, Tactel® fibre is at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than most other fibres.  It also dries 8 times faster than cotton.  In addition to being soft and lightweight, Tactel® fibre is strong.  The inherent strength of Tactel® fibre enables the production of fabrics that are 3 times as strong as those made with natural fibres.

Many of the 1000 Mile Double Layer socks have a 100% Tactel® inner lining which helps to reduce friction on the skin but also helps keep feet cool and dry during activities.


Anti-odour.  Anti-bacterial.  Anti-fungal.

Cupron Enhanced yarns use embedded copper fibre technology which resists the growth of bacteria and fungi that causes odour and poor foot health.  Cupron Technology has been independently tested in laboratory settings against generally accepted clinical test protocols, using standard test conditions.  Under these conditions, Cupron Technology is consistently found to be non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin, with no adverse events reported.

The copper oxide that is the basis for Cupron Technology is made from recycled copper.  When Cupron Technology is integrated into textile fibres and other polymers it is typically non-leaching or minimally leaching and so has no negative environmental impacts.  Cupron yarns can be found in 3 different styles from our walking and our sports range.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is one of softest types of wool available and is perfect for regulating body temperature. The wool provides warmth without overheating the wearer and it’s moisture wicking properties combined with being slightly moisture repellent allow the wearer to remain dry. Merino yarns can be found in up to 8 different styles from our range.

NILIT Breeze

Fabrics knitted with NILIT® Breeze Fibres keep wearers cooler and more comfortable during and after physical activities and even in hot weather. Enjoy UV protection, cooling effect, soft feel and a comfortable fit. You can find the NILIT® Breeze yarn in our new Breeze Sport Sock range.


NILIT Heat is a unique yarn, created with coffee charcoal, for natural insulation, to keep wearers warmer in cold temperatures.  Wicking, breathable and with excellent absorption and moisture control to provide a dry comfort for all day wear.  Anti-bacterial and deodorising properties add to overall foot health.  Best of all this yarn is environmentally friendly - making use of the natural surplus of coffee bean shells to create the coffee charcoal which works into the nylon fibre to create the end result of NILIT Heat.

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