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Go to Great Lengths

Go to Great Lengths

31 October 2017

We go to great lengths to bring you socks for all occasions.  The design team here at 1000 Mile are constantly looking for the best yarns and newest innovations so that we can continue to bring high quality products to our customers.

No matter what your sport we have a sock to suit you.  Whether you are running, hiking, cycling, skiing or playing cricket we can help.

Whether you want double layer, padded, double layer AND padded, moisture wicking, compression or support we can help.

Simply take a look at the range on site and if you're stuck send us a message on the contact us page and we'll be happy to help narrow down your options.  

Searching for something specific?  Enter that requirement into our search section on the site and it will show you all the items that match or if you've found something you like check the TAGS at the bottom of the page to find other items with similar properties.

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