• Sports Insoles for team sports

    Sports Insoles for team sports

    18 October 2018
    Sports Insoles usually focus on using them for running and running alone but life is not just about running.  Sports like Football, Rugby, Tennis and Basketball are all intense activities that can put extreme pressure on the joints. In our mind, prevention is always better than cure......
  • Single or Double Layer?

    Single or Double Layer?

    11 September 2018
    Another of our Frequently Asked Questions - which is better Single or Double Layer?  Answer: it's all down to personal preference.  Admittedly this sounds like a terrible answer but in all seriousness it really does come down to trial and error.  We have many custo.....
  • Goodbye to our Race Sock and our Support Sock

    Goodbye to our Race Sock and our Support Sock

    11 September 2018
    After many years of loyal  service to our 1000 Mile customers we have decided to say goodbye to our Race Sock and our Support Sock.  DON'T PANIC!  If these are your favourite you can still find them with our retailers online however we have decided to stop producing these so.....
  • Why do I get blisters and how do i prevent them?

    Why do I get blisters and how do i prevent them?

    23 July 2018
    We get asked this question A LOT and there are many factors that can contribute to causing the dreaded blister.  Firstly let's take a look at what blisters actually are - blisters are small pockets of body fluid that form in the upper layer of the skin.  They are friction bu.....
  • 1000 Mile Heat Walk Sock - Outdoors Magic Review

    1000 Mile Heat Walk Sock - Outdoors Magic Review

    01 July 2018
    The guys and girls from Outdoors Magic have put our NEW Heat Walk Sock to the test and we're chuffed to have made it into their Top 100 Best Outdoors Products for AW 2018!  Take a look at Stuart Kenny's verdict after testing them in the forests and lochs near Kingussie and read t.....
  • Spring In Your Step

    Spring In Your Step

    01 April 2018
    There's a spring in our step - the days are finally getting longer and it's time to shrug off the Winter blues and get back out there.  We've been looking forward to the warmer months and we have some bright new colours coming in to celebrate the arrival of the Sun.  Ke.....
  • New Year Fitness Resolutions

    New Year Fitness Resolutions

    28 December 2017
    So you’re thinking about setting New Year’s fitness resolutions?  Enter 1000 Mile!  We’ve got some top tips on keeping your new year’s resolutions all year, not just for two weeks.+ Search out a training plan to suit your fitness level: whether you are just starting out o.....

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