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1000 Mile Socks put to the test..

1000 Mile Socks put to the test..

02 December 2015

We love to hear from our customers about how our socks perform out in the field and The Sky Run (considered by many athletes to be the toughest trail run in South Africa, 100km of epic mountain trails) will prove to a first time wearer of 1000 Mile that our socks really do offer excellent protection from blisters.

Here's the full race report from Jean after he put our socks through the ultimate test...

"Having been plagued by blisters basically my whole running career and having resorted to duct tape and Vaseline in the past i heard about 1000 Mile.  After seeing the warranty, which I described as brave, I got in touch with Terrabrands (the distributor for 1000 Mile in South Africa) and ordered a few pairs.

To be honest I was sceptical, I ran 14km to test them out, no issues there and even got my friend to buy a pair as well.  The bigger test awaited 2 weeks later - a full SkyRun.

Who in their right mind takes a pair of untested socks and run's 100km in them..

The start was cold, the socks went on and off we went.  50km later, after a small hail storm and super tough terrain the socks had held up well.  NO BLISTERS when we reached Balloch (the support stop) so I swapped into a fresh pair and headed up and over the wall into the night shift.

The night shift was ice cold, hitting -8c and a snow storm.  An ankle injury forced me to stop and be strapped up by a medic 14km from the finish line.  I could immediately feel a blister forming as a result of the elastoplast - this after almost completely forgetting about my feet as the socks had carried me over 80km with no issues at all.

My other foot showed no signs of even hot spots or rubbing where they would usually both be absolutely raw!

Having only used 2 pairs the 100km for the SkyRun and the only blister was a result of strapping an injury I can boldly say these socks are AMAZING!  They took a massive beating (my shoe are not the same any more) but the socks live on.  Even my racing partner reported no blisters and ranted about how amazing the 1000 Mile socks are the whole race.

These are an amazing product and everyone should use them, whether you struggle with blisters or not.  Thanks to the team at Terrabrands for their great service.

These are not my go to socks for any run and I wont use anything else."

Jean was wearing our Fusion Anklet Sock during his race.  Click HERE for more information.

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