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The Tactel® Family.

The Tactel® Family.

28 February 2014

We understand that not all of our customers are as familiar with our socks as we are so we wanted to introduce you to parts of our range that you might not know about.

Our Tactel® Socks are available in the full sock length, Anklet length or Trainer Liner style. 

They have similar properties which include the wicking inner lining, top venting to allow your foot to breath, arch bracing and HeelPower.  The only difference being that they are of different lengths to suit each and every one of you.

If you want a longer sock then the Ultimate Tactel® Sock is the one for you.  If you prefer a shorter sock but don't like the trainer length then the Ultimate Tactel® Anklet is the sock for you.  Lastly if you prefer a very short sock then our Ultimate Tactel® Trainer Liner is the sock  for you.

For more information on each of these styles please click HERE.

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