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Same Skirt, Different Day - Zoe D'Ay, Camino Blog

Same Skirt, Different Day - Zoe D'Ay, Camino Blog

01 July 2014

Here at 1000 Mile we received a communication from a wonderful lady called Zoe D'Ay who was planning on taking on the challenge of the Camino de Santiago.  Needing socks she came to us for help.  

We are always happy to try and source the right pair of socks from our extensive range that will suit each and every one of our customers.  After some discussion we decided together that the best possible options for her would be either our All Terrain Sock or our Ultimate Approach Sock.  


We supplied both for Zoe to train with and see how she got on.  After some long distance training around Glastonbury (which sounded exhausting to us!) we came to the conclusion that the Ultimate Approach Sock was the best one for her.  Happily Zoe continued her training and managed to complete her walk of the Camino successfully BLISTER FREE!

To read about her journey please go to her blog site:

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