New Year Fitness Resolutions

New Year Fitness Resolutions

28 December 2017

So you’re thinking about setting New Year’s fitness resolutions?  Enter 1000 Mile!  We’ve got some top tips on keeping your new year’s resolutions all year, not just for two weeks.

+ Search out a training plan to suit your fitness level: whether you are just starting out or looking to increase distances or speed if you plan out a weekly or monthly schedule of training, you’ll be more likely to train regularly. 

Search out a training buddy: training doesn't have to be a solo thing.  There are plenty of groups you can join or challenge a friend to come along with you.  You're more likely to stick with it if you have company to help motivate you.

Hit the sales: you’re going to want the right gear to stay motivated enough to keep up your fitness plan.  You don't want any excuses to quit!  If you're running or hiking you need to take care of your feet - you don't want a nasty blister to put a stop to your training.  Remember we are here to help so if you're having trouble just send us a message on the contact us and we'll talk you through some options.

Make sure you have FUN: if you are new to running/hiking there can be some great local events that you might want to take part in once you've completed your training.  Distances and fitness level can vary but check out your local event's guide for something that suits you.  This can be great for setting goals and keep you going through your training.

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