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Fusion Sports Sock Gets an Upgrade

Fusion Sports Sock Gets an Upgrade

26 October 2017

The 1000 Mile Fusion Sport Sock was the first of it's kind (double layered AND padded) and it's proven to be one of our most popular socks in the range since it's conception over 5 years ago.

Well, we don't like to let the grass grow under our feet here at 1000 Mile so we started to look into how we could take a great sock and make it even better.

So here's what we've done:

-- You still get the padded zones that make this sock super comfortable but we've now shaped it around the ball of the foot and the toe area.  We've also extended the padding on the heel and Achilles to cover around the front of ankle protecting the ankle bone.

-- Toe seams can be a danger zone on some technical sports socks but not this one!  We've concentrated in making the toe seam on this sock as flat as possible to reduce even the smallest chance of irritation.

-- The biggest change is the added ventilation mesh on the top of the foot.  This will help the foot breathe, keeping the wearer cooler but also it gives the sock a lighter feel making it more comfortable as well. 

Add to this the silky soft feel of the yarns that our Fusion sock is well known for and you have a super soft, protective, padded sports sock that will continue to top the 1000 Mile charts for years to come.

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