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Why am I getting blisters?

It is important to remember that our feet can change size when walking or running for long distances primarily due to time spent on them and heat.  When you have spent a lot of time on your feet it is not unusual for your foot to increase from between half a size and a full size; therefore choosing the right size shoe and thickness of sock is important.  If your shoes become too tight this increases friction on the feet and blisters can be the result.

During an event it is also important to keep your feet dry; when your socks become wet your feet will be more prone to develop hot spots which can also lead to blisters.

There are quite a few socks to choose from which one is best for me?

It all comes down to personal preference and your chosen activity but if you are still stuck, please contact us and one of our sales staff will be happy to offer advice.

Do the single layer socks come with a blister free guarantee?

No. Only the double layer socks come with the Blister Free Guarantee. This is because within the double layer system; the inner layer stays with the foot and the outer layer moves with the shoe. By eliminating the friction on the skin it reduces the chance of getting a blister.

What are the Care/Washing Instructions for your socks?

Due the technical properties of the yarns that make up our socks we recommend all the socks are washed on a 30° washing cycle with NO tumble dry.

If I am on the cusp of the size which one should I purchase?

We recommend that you purchase the size down for the double layer socks as they need to be a smooth fit with no folds or creases in the fabric. If the sock is too big then this could stop the double layer system performing as it should.

What do I do if I have received blisters whilst wearing your double layer socks?

It may be that you don't have the best sock for your particular needs.  Please contact the sales team and we will be happy to help you.  You can also review the terms of the guarantee here, if your product is covered under the guarantee please follow the returns process stated.

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